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We are a fun-loving and dedicated team of dental sleep professionals here to help you achieve the lifestyle you wish through noninvasive treatments for sleep apnea. Our sleep dentist and team understand sleep apnea can steal years from your life, and our goal is to help you gain them back.

Dr. Kristian Dietz, your experienced sleep medicine dentist!

Dr. Kristian Dietz is proud to offer dental sleep medicine in Bentonville, Arkansas. He has received training from the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and has had extensive education focused on sleep disorders and disturbances to better understand his patients. He is kind, knowledgeable and passionate about extending human potential through noninvasive treatment.

Dr. Kristian Dietz
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We Can Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

While some patients may benefit greatly from using CPAP, a CPAP machine is not the only option. At Refresh Dental, we offer a variety of CPAP alternatives, such as oral appliance therapy, so you can sleep comfortably again. Check out the resources below and give us a call today for a consultation.