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Have a patient who is CPAP intolerant that you would like to send over to Dr. Kristian Dietz? If so, please fill out the form below. In addition to the patient’s contact information, we will need a copy of their prescription and sleep study to provide them with the right treatment. Here is what you can expect from our office:

  1. We make sure to follow AASDSM protocol when providing sleep apnea treatment.
  2. We will send you a follow up letter for you to keep tabs on your patient’s treatment.
  3. We only take referrals from your patient’s sleep doctor or primary physician.
  4. We work with many medical providers such as Medicare, TRICARE and Oscar and will bill any insurance on the patient’s behalf.
  5. We use high-quality and FDA approved oral appliances.
  6. We stay up to date on the latest studies of sleep apnea by attending continuing education courses.
  7. If we do not think an oral appliance is right for your patient, we are not afraid to let them know.
  8. We inform patients about other treatment options such as: weight loss, sleep masks, nasal strips, etc.
  9. We see great results with oral appliance therapy, but also recognize that CPAP remains the gold standard for treating sleep apnea.

Referral Form

Downloadable prescription form coming soon!

If you have any questions about the referral process with us here at Refresh Dental, please contact our sleep dentist in Bentonville, Arkansas, at 479-339-0081.