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What Causes Snoring?

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Do you have a tendency to snore or know someone who does? Do you wonder why this problem is happening? There could be a fair number of causes.

What generally happens is the soft tissues in your mouth and throat, among which are your tongue, soft palate and uvula, collapse a bit and reduce the amount of air going in and out. Your tonsils and adenoids can also become enlarged and restrict the air intake. The snoring sound comes from the air trying to get around these obstructions, which causes them to vibrate and produce a snore.

Other causes can be things like sleeping on your back, which can sometimes lead the muscles within your neck and throat to collapse when they relax. Obesity can factor in, as the fat in the neck can add weight and put pressure on the throat, though this is only in some cases. At other times, simple aging can lead to this problem, as muscle tone can get reduced, making the muscles more likely to collapse at night.

These are only a few causes for snoring. There can be many reasons.

We highly recommend visiting our sleep dentist if your snoring persists for a long time. Snoring can be an indicator of sleep apnea, which can disrupt your night’s rest and make you feel more tired during the day. If you do not have sleep apnea, you may benefit from stopping your snoring, which will help your body open the airways and get more oxygen at nights.

If you struggle with snoring, please come visit Refresh Dental in Bentonville, Arkansas. Drs. Hedgecock and Kerr will help you understand the source of the problem and figure out a way to treat it. To set up a visit, you can call 479-339-0081, and we will find a suitable time for you.